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Shraddha IVF Center & Maheshwari Hospital Bareilly

Know About Us

The most valuable asset in a person’s life is their health. Maheshwari multispecialty hospital in Bareilly is renowned for providing high-quality health treatment and facilitating patients’ recovery.

Late Dr. Ritesh Maheshwari and Dr. Shraddha Maheshwari founded Maheshwari Multispecialty Hospital. As a leading player in the healthcare field, We offer the finest of everything and are associated with one of Bareilly’s best doctors.

Whether you need an orthopedic expert, a kidney specialist, a cardiology specialist, a gynecologist, child care, maternal care, diabetes, neurology, cosmetology, trichology, or even urology, we give only the greatest healthcare facilities.

We have a number of highly qualified doctors and medical specialists in team who have achieved the highest degrees of expertise in their fields. Our ultimate goal is to promote the health and well-being of each individual and to deliver the highest quality medical care in Bareilly to all age groups.

Our hospital is ideally located in Bannuval Nagar, directly across from Silver States Colony (Mahanagar), on the Pilibhit Road, and easily accessible to residents of Bareilly and the surrounding areas. Maheshwari Multispecialty Hospital is the one-stop answer for all your health concerns.

Our Mission

To improve lives and preserve health by providing access to a comprehensive, fully integrated network of the highest quality and most economical care.

Our Vision

Maheshwari Multispeciality hospital is committed to providing cost-effective medical treatment while adhering to its primary mission, “To deliver care that people trust.”

We Help to Build a Healthy & Secure Life For You and Your Family!